School of the Damned 2022

A drawing of a devil with their back to us. The devil is bending over and a visible fart cloud can be seen coming out of it's butt. The words The School of the Damned are written on the right hand side in capital handwritten letters

Here’s another bit of news I forgot to mention – I am officially part of School of the Damned 2022!

For those not in the know, School of the Damned is an alternative fine arts programme in the UK.

In the UK, people who are interested in studying art are finding it more difficult, what with the cost of education, the image of ‘arts’ being seen as not a good career path, and everything that’s happen from 2010 onwards…

School of The Damned was founded in 2014 and each year of students chooses the next cohort.

It is independent (not funded or run by a central organisation) and led by the students, with labour exchanges and skill sharing an integral part of the programme.

This year there are over 100 people on the programme (including me and some Project Phlegm alumni!) scattered across the country – and sometimes further afield…

I won’t lie and say I’m not a bit overwhelmed and nervous, but this is an exciting chance to learn about alternative arts education methods in a practical way – doing rather than pondering!

More to come…