Sister Transistor (2023)

A still from 'Sister Transistor'. A robot styled to look like a Nun in black and white with neon green lights in its eyes and mouth.

Confess your digital sins!

Sister Transistor is a short animation I made for the School Of The Damned x West Art Collective’s exhibition “I Was Baptised In Fortnite” at Antwerp Mansion, Manchester in January 2023.

It was inspired by a video I saw on the rise of digital ‘wellbeing’ apps, and by 20+ years of online culture and the place of religion in the digital world.

Some of the ‘confessions’ may be a bit more personal than I’d like to admit – but I’ll never say which ones 😉

Programs I used to create Sister Transistor
  • Blender (3D modelling and animation)
  • Audacity (sound editing and effects)
  • Web-based text-to-speech
  • Garageband (music)
  • Premiere Pro (subtitling)
  • iMovie (video editing)